Our Team

Our staff of aviation professionals understands your passion for flying and we’re here to make sure your airplane purchase is as smooth as your next takeoff.

Mel’s Aviation Experience:

  • He has logged over 20,000 flying hours since becoming a pilot in 1950
  • He is a former Air Force captain
  • The past president of the Massachusetts Aviation Trades Association
  • Former director of The Framingham Trust Company
  • President-emeritus of the oldest aero club in America, The Aero Club of New England


Bob’s Aviation Experience:

  • Bob is a private pilot
  • A Member of the AOPA
  • Past board member of the Marlboro Airport
  • Past President of the National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA)

Bob’s Passion for Aviation:

“My love of aviation is grounded in my passion for Liberty. In my mind, few things represent the essence of liberty better than our freedom to fly. I have always made it my mission to help as many people as possible realize their dream of flight. Whether it is for personal enjoyment, the furtherance of business or just convenience of travel, aviation is the embodiment of our natural right to be free.”


Alex’s favorite part of his job = “The best part of my job is working with my clients to loan approval. At Dorr, we deal with many first-time buyers, and new pilots that are just starting out. For me, the satisfaction in the voice of a newly approved applicant, knowing that I am helping to advance their dreams of flight, makes the job well worth it. Also, as a student pilot myself, talking to experienced aviators furthers my passion for the industry. “


Prior to coming to Dorr, Matt worked in the banking industry for years with a focus on consumer and commercial loans for small business development. Matt has a Sales & Marketing background and is excited to be working in Aviation.


Nathan has been with Dorr since 2020 helping process applications & building client relations. He is actively building hours flying in pursuit of his Private Pilots License to further his passion with aviation.


Colin is our newest addition to Dorr Aviation and he is excited to join our team.  He is all about customer service and enjoys helping clients with all of their closing needs.

“This was our third airplane purchase through Dorr, and as always all of you were a real pleasure to work with. Patrick, Tara and Heidi were unfailingly efficient and reliable, and equally important extremely pleasant and considerate.”
Ken E. | Lancair owner